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a Redmond Irrigation specialist installs a new pop up headSome sprinkler repair companies only do the easy repairs, our Redmond irrigation specialists do it all. Sure anyone can replace a pop up head but not everyone can suggest the correct head to replace your existing one with. When a system has been in place for several years the ground around it builds up and necessitates a higher sprinkler head to allow the same amount of overall coverage from the system. Problems with flooding, improper coverage, rain sensor failure and various other common issues can all be traced back to pop up heads that don't clear the surrounding groundcover.

Pop up heads may be a major component of the sprinkler system, but they aren't the only ones that need to be paid attention to. If you are seeing poor water pressure in one of the heads and there isn't a visible cause, there may be a cracked or leaking pipe underground. This is quite possible if you don't regularly winterize your system or have a complete blow out done in the fall. Any water left in the pie system could freeze and crack pipes, frequently at the joints. Our team of Redmond sprinkler repair specialists is equipped with underground leak detection equipment and video snakes to check out every inch of your system and locate all water wasting leaks.

Superior Service Guaranteed

Those are just two of the many ways that our service team is head and shoulders above the competition. If you need these, or any of the following services, call in our Redmond irrigation specialists today

  • a newly installed irrigation systemComplete Sprinkler System Evaluations
  • Adding Sprinkler Heads
  • Major Sprinkler System Repairs
  • Sprinkler System Efficiency Improvements
  • Water Conservation Evaluation
  • Coverage Improvements
  • Broken Sprinkler Head Repair
  • Broken Wiring Location
  • Sprinkler Pipe Repair
  • Repair Sprinkler Wiring
  • Repair Leaking Sprinkler Valve
  • Broken Sprinkler Valve Repair
  • Underground Sprinkler Leak Locating And Repair
  • a tech covers the hole for a new sprinkler headSprinkler Geyser Repair
  • Sprinkler System Low Pressure Troubleshooting
  • Sprinkler Leak Repair
  • Solenoid Repair And Locating
  • Sprinkler Valve Replacement
  • Sprinkler Controller Repair
  • Repair mainline and lateral line pipe leaks
  • Backflow Repair
  • Rewire Irrigation Systems
  • Sprinkler System Controller Replacement
  • Rain Sensors and Freeze Sensors Installed
  • Raising and Lowering Sprinkler Heads
  • Lighting Damage Repairs
  • Broken PVC Pipe Repair
  • Accent Lighting Installation and Repair