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a pop up head hard at work on a residential lawnIs your older sprinkler system just not doing its job anymore? Call in our Redmond sprinkler repair team to help you optimize it. One of the most common causes for a sprinkler system to fail, even though all of the components seem to be working properly, is the change in the landscape over time. A pop up sprinkler system depends on the sprinkler heads reaching high enough out of the ground to clear the surrounding vegetation. In the years since your system was installed, the perennial plants around the area have grown, multiple layers of mulch have been laid and even the height of your lawn has changed due to the thatching effect of cutting your grass. There is great news though - simply changing the pop up heads from the standard 2 or 4 inch variety to 6 or 12 inch one can eliminate the entire problem!

We wish that all fixes were this easy, unfortunately they aren't. Our Redmond sprinkler repair team often has to diagnose mysterious ailments in the system that can range from controller malfunctions and freeze sensor failures to broken or clogged delivery pipes. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly assess the problem and systematically rule out causes and then give you the best service to fix the issue. We can do this because we have the latest underground pipe detection equipment available and techs that are trained in how to use it. We can even call in the guys with ground penetrating radar if we're having trouble.

We Cover Sprinkler Systems Large and Small

a Redmond Sprinkler Repair tech adjusts a pop up head by handWhile most of our work is done at commercial locations we handle residential systems installs and repairs as well. It doesn't matter if you are looking to install a drip irrigation system for your planting beds or a water catchment system; we've got the professional contractors to do it. In our business, size doesn't matter. We treat each of our customers with the same amount of respect and deliver the same high quality service. It doesn't matter if you need one sprinkler head replaced or an entire new system install, we guarantee you'll be impressed with our service techs.

We've got the best talent in the area when it comes to Redmond sprinkler repair, but that wouldn't do if we didn't also have the most fully stocked trucks in the area as well. We literally carry thousands of replacement parts and 50+ unique tools to every job site. If you have a problem, chances are we've got the solution in our truck. We carry every major brand of pop-up head, several rain sensors, controllers and various pipes and couplers among other things.

If you're not looking for sprinkler repair in Redmond, that's okay, we also offer several other services including masonry work, landscaping, fertilization solutions, garden lighting and snow removal. If your curb appeal needs an assist, call in our experts today. We can even work out discounts for customers who use more than one of our services.